Traffic insights dashboard

for agencies and service providers


Stand out from other service providers or agencies. And make yourself even more valuable to the clients you’re serving with a powerful and customizable traffic dashboard. 

The Traffic Insights Dashboard will help you identify and showcase the traffic-driving insights drawn directly from your client’s data — without the hassle of you or your team having to dig through pages of Google Analytics and Google Search Console reports.

The insights gleaned from this dashboard are exactly what every business owner needs to make sound marketing decisions… aka your ticket to more leads, more sales, and less time wasted on things that just don’t work.

Secure your spot as the MVP in your client’s business (and be happily referred to their network) by sharing these insights with your client’s to grow their business: 

  • Which social media platforms should your client invest their social media marketing efforts and dollars?Help them see where they can put their efforts on platforms that are great at driving traffic and advise they make changes in the ones that are underperforming. 
  • Which of the many pieces of content should your client promote to drive the most traffic to their site? Help them use their best performing content posts to attract more site visitors. And optimize or discard those that aren’t bringing any business. 
  • What keywords should your clients use to make their offers and content more attractive? Show them how they can deploy these keywords in their offers, home page, and blog posts to improve their site’s visibility in search results. 
  • How effective are their marketing efforts compared to last month? Last week? Or at any given time? Spot upward or downward trends in the number of site visitors and bounce rates so you can help them adjust efforts promptly. 
  • What pins are bringing ‘pinners’ to their site?  What posts bring in more Pinterest users than others?Help them nail their Pinterest strategy by knowing exactly what’s effective in turning pinners into site visitors and leads. 


We wanted a model that would work for both large agencies and services providers who are just getting started, so we created a “pay for what you need” model. Billed annually, you pay for the number of clients you will be using with the report.

Number of Clients: 0-9 Clients 10-19 Clients 20+ Clients
Annual fee if you use our branding and make no changes: $497 $997 $1,497
Annual fee to white-label with your own branding and make any changes you’d like: $997 $1,497 $1,997

The fee is annual as it includes support, dashboard updates, and any maintenance needed. Best of all, no additional tools are needed. We build on a free tool called Google Data Studio, so all your client needs is a Google Analytics account. 

what's included



“I was doing a first-quarter review with one of my clients and when I pulled up the two dashboards I purchased, he was AMAZED. He didn’t have a clue what was actually driving traffic or what was going on with his SEO. To be able to just go through your video and have it set up in 10 minutes - amazing! Should be a no-brainer for anyone running a business.” ​ Yes, that was one of my major "pain points." I really love the simplicity of the dashboard and how easy it is to see what to work on/update next. I've been one to avoid the numbers, so I see this being a game-changer for me.”
Dawn Sinkule, CEO, Digital Dawn
“Personal experience: Google Analytics totally overwhelms me, the first time I used the Google Data Studio dashboard, I'm pretty sure I heard angel's singing. It's just straight to the point, which I really appreciate!”
Simple Pin Meida, Team Director
“Jen’s training on Google Data Studio is awesome! I didn’t even know about GDS before – her walkthrough made it super easy to set up and the dashboard is so helpful. I love being able to track all our most important data, traffic sources, etc. in one place. I recommend it for anyone looking to get a better handle on their data!”​
Lacey Sites, A Lit Up Life

Need Support?

Connecting your dashboard takes less than 10 minutes (assuming you already have Google Analytics and Google Search Console). The training videos are about 15 minutes.

How does never sound? The data feeds in automatically and in real-time from Google Analytics.

No, we user all free tools (Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console)

You must have/set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics for your website or funnel. They are both free tools.

As long as you can install Google Search Console and Google Analytics, yes! I’ve yet to run into a platform that Google can’t integrate with. 

Yes, so long as you buy the appropriate license at checkout. The only thing you can’t do is sell it as your own individual product. 

Still not sure? Have a question? Send us a message on Facebook or email support!