Imagine being able to EASILY see how your team
is spending their time without …

You might be thinking, no thanks, I’m fine. I know EXACTLY what my team is doing…

Well, ok… that’s fine. I’m not gonna hard sell you here.


Imagine discovering that only 50% of your team were spending time on the ‘main role’ they were hired to perform… (yep, that happened)

Or that you are spending THOUSANDS on (non-essential) team meetings each month. #TrueStory

What if you could see which clients are profitable and which actually cost you money… (More common than you might think!!!) ???

Imagine what you could do with that extra time and money that you’re just pouring down the drain – because you don’t have an easy and accurate way to manage the data???

A simple Team Time Dashboard ensures that no more valuable time (or $$) is wasted on unessential, busy tasks that do *NOTHING* for your bottom line…

Let me show you how this works...


You identify the categories you want your team to track hours for. We set up a simple dashboard that allows your team members to easily track the time spent in each area. You have a clear picture of your teams ROI at your fingertips.


Want to track your team’s time investment per client? Simple! We set up a process that allows your team to submit the time spent on client work – which populates the dashboard. No more wondering if your client is actually costing you money!

It's not just a dashboard... it's an ROI protector.

And what’s more, we make the dashboard fit your work environment, not the other way around.

Members of your team can track their hours however they want.

And YOU pick when they report those hours.

… Daily
… Weekly
… Biweekly
… Monthly

Simply by each team member filling in a Google Form (based on your pre-defined categories), the responses will automatically populate your *GORGEOUS* dashboard (which only you or those with your link can view)… and you’ll have ALL the information you need right at your fingertips.

"I love the team process and dashboard Jennifer created for my business. I can see exactly what my team is spending their time on and what those activities are costing me so I can make even more effective decisions as a rapidly growing business. This is something I’d recommend whether you’re just building your team or have a lot of team members to manage. We use it daily, and it’s made an amazing impact in terms of team spend, efficiency, and overall decisions and operations." - Allie Bjerk
Allie Bjerk
Digital Marketer

Not Convinced, (data stuff can be scary, ya!)… ?

Check out these quick 4-minute videos – proven to covert the least data-driven peeps into data-nerds quicker than Cinderella got glammed up for the ball… (Like pumpkin’s turning into carriages, some things have to be seen to be believed)!

See how time tracking by category works..

See how time tracking by client works..

Get Your Team Time Dashboard Now
... For Just $997

Hours by Category

$ 497
  • You tell us the categories
  • We build the process AND dashboard
  • Your team reports their hours
  • You make profit-protecting, margin-maximizing decisions

Hours by Client

$ 497
  • You tell us the clients
  • We build the process AND the dashboard
  • Your team reports their hours
  • You make profit-protecting, margin-maximizing decisions

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