How To Get EVEN MORE Traffic

(and protect the traffic you’re already getting)
withOUT spending hours a day digging through hard to read analytics

No tech degree required!

There is one type of traffic that’s the holy grail for every blogger and marketer out there: organic search traffic.

The reason organic search traffic is so special is simple: you know the person visiting your page is looking for the EXACT solution you’re giving them. Which makes them more likely to convert to your email list or product.

But search engine optimization can be overwhelming, confusing, and downright frustrating…

Leaving you no option but to pay an expert a ton of money to optimize your SEO for you.

At least until now.


What would your business look like if you:

Here’s How It Works:
Your actual data will be fed into the dashboard from Google Search Console, which gives you the real-time data you want… withOUT the headache of finding & understanding the information.

(You no longer have to be a data analyst to understand what you are looking at. Everything is easily labeled and organized in a way for a BUSINESS OWNER to understand… PLUS you’ll be able to make actionable, strategic moves that get the best results.)

From there, it will live on three separate pages that you’ll use depending on what you want to know:


The overview page will show your organic search impressions, clicks, CTR, and average position!

It also will show you YTD clicks compared to prior years so you can look for change or trends. If you want to know how to continually improve so you can keep making more money over time… this is how you’ll do it.

This is the page you’ll use when you want to see how your site is performing as a whole – to take a quick temperature read on your overall performance.


The keyword insights page will tell you which words you rank for, including impressions, clicks, average position, and the change for each of those compared to prior period.

This page is what you’ll use when you want to see how you’re progressing against your goals… as well as how you’ve done in the past.

When you want to keep your income moving upward… you’ve got to have your finger on the real-time pulse of your business. That’s what this page is for you.

You’ll be able to improve every piece of content you publish to drive more traffic, more sales, and more income.

PLUS if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition… this page helps you do it with ease.


The landing page insights page will tell you the landing pages/posts that get the most traffic from organic search, along with the keyword(s) that brought the visitor to your site, along with impressions, clicks, and change.

When you know what your winners are, you can keep them at the top… PLUS work on your other posts and pages to get them to the winner’s circle, too. THIS is how you get more conversions, customers and income.


Not only will you get the insights outlined above, but all three pages allow you to select custom date ranges – so you can see what’s happened in the last hour… the last week… the last year… any date range you want.

This is essential as you are testing and introducing new content, trying new partnerships and collaborations, or utilizing new traffic sources. You’ll be able to instantly tell how effective they are so you can keep focusing on what works to drive the traffic, leads, and sales you want!

PLUS each page will give you tips on what insights to get from the information and what you can do with it to get more traffic or protect the traffic you have!

Simply put: this is how you get results from your SEO.

How often do you focus on creating new content and spinning your wheels always coming up with the next big thing… instead of taking a moment to fix what’s already there but isn’t working as well as it could be?

The Organic Search Traffic Dashboard helps you get off the new content hamster wheel and actually use what you’ve already created to its biggest potential!

Imagine, just a few tweaks to a post you’ve already published and all of a sudden it’s bringing in more traffic and leads…

Imagine making just one or two small changes to a piece that’s already driving great traffic… and now it’s turning into dollars in your bank account!

That’s the beauty of getting the data in a way that makes sense to a real business owner. That’s why The Organic Search Traffic Dashboard exists.

Don’t just take my word for it…

"It has been so helpful to use this tool to identify posts on my site that I can update instead of constantly looking for new keywords to tackle or having to learn Google Search Console! I love this!!"
- Becky Mansfield,
"I had thought when I installed the dashboard it seemed like a lot of great information and tools for this price. I love how easy it was to set up. I also like having all the metrics in one easy place to view them."
- Elaine. V
Online business owner

Are you ready to unlock the conversion power behind your organic traffic?

About the creator..

I’m Jennifer Grayeb, 30-something online business strategist living in Connecticut with my husband, dog, and two little girls.

My mission is to help real business owners grow and scale online… withOUT working 80+ hour weeks or living their lives so stressed out they can barely function

I know the struggles you face on a regular basis, because I’ve done it too. I was a personal trainer, a full-time blogger, and a full-time student… all while co-founding one of the original influencer networks (FitFluential.) I’ve worked with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, have been published in Forbes, mentioned in a couple books, rang the NASDAQ closing bell and even attended an event at the White House. I know what it’s like to hustle.

In fact, in 2013 I transitioned to a career in corporate HR in an attempt to hustle less. Little did I know… I’d end up hustling even more! While working full time in a senior HR strategy role at a Fortune 10 company, I started a productivity blog and with just a few hours per week, grew it to reach over 2 million people per year. I ultimately sold that blog within just 2 years of starting it.

It seems I couldn’t leave my entrepreneurial side behind! Now that I’m out of the corporate world, I’m using my powers to help entrepreneurs and business owners like YOU meet the goals you’ve set for yourself. And I’m doing my part to help you hustle less, make more, and enjoy the life you’re creating for yourself