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Opportunity Cost Caluclator

Should you hire someone to do it for you or just do it yourself?

It’s time to say no to doing low-value tasks.

Channel your time and energy on things that can actually make you more productive (and profitable). If you’re on the fence in hiring that $50/hour freelancer, would you really be saving money if you did it all by yourself but it would take you all at least a full day of work?

How much an hour of your time is really worth? $50? $100? $500? More? 

As your own boss, you wouldn’t really spend a full day trying to do a task you could easily delegate for less than an hour of your time. And, you’d be losing even more than just the traded hours – you’d also be losing earning potential since you could be doing more profitable tasks with your time. 

You’ll be able to do that with the Opportunity Cost Calculator. Estimate the cost of doing a task by yourself and compare it with the cost of hiring somebody else to do it. It’s that simple. 

So the next time you’re torn between hiring somebody or DIYing the task… you’ll know which option is the most cost-effective for your business… and your sanity. 

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If you’re feeling like you are just overwhelmed and all over the place, I can relate.  I tell people I built and sold a successful productivity business, they imagine getting and staying organized has always come really naturally to me.

Let me tell you a secret, it didn’t always. But I found the solution… BUILDING SYSTEMS.

Don’t believe this is possible for you? I’m here to help because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created PROVEN SYSTEMS to help you know where to focus your time and energy in your business.

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Not a problem, our calculator does all the formulas for you! 

This makes suggestions based on MATH, not emotions, making decision making much easier.


Opportunity Cost Caluclator

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