Attention service providers… Whether you are a business manager, operations leader, marketing director, funnel builder, web designer, or social media manager, it’s time to feel confident about understanding and organizing key sales & marketing data.

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Measure & Maximize

An 8-week program that teaches you to tackle any measurement project by building dashboards that give you exactly the info you and your clients need to scale.

Consider this your shortcut system to learn what numbers are actually important to measure, how to measure and understand them, and then how to pull it all together in a way that tells a story. . . withOUT spending 25 hours wanting to pull your hair out in Google Sheets.

After going through Measure & Maximize, you’ll . . .

Plus, you’ll come out of it having created at least two totally-customized dashboards —valued at over $5,000!— to kick-start your success.

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What We'll Cover...

Most courses on measurement and dashboard building will spend the majority of their modules on the TOOL or on THEORY. Or, they’ll go into measurement strategy and the 50,000-foot view without giving you the context and experience you need to understand it.

We are doing the opposite – giving you only what you need to know to get started, have you actually start building, and then zoom back out to talk theory and strategy. Why? Because the concepts make WAY more sense when you’ve actually done some building.


Why Data and Dashboards?

Most service providers make the mistake of jumping right into data and reporting without actually feeling confident with numbers. You need to understand why knowing what, how, and when to measure is one of the highest forms of leverage in business and how to identify a “good” dashboard from a “bad” one. In this module, you’ll..
  • Come away with confidence and clarity on what to measure and why you are measuring it. 
  • Learn our signature approach for planning & building dashboards – The Measurement Method
  • Know the tools of the trade and our recommendations


Google Data Studio

There are many fancy-looking tools on the market that can create automated reports, but most are not user friendly, are incredibly limited, and require a background in corporate analytics or development to operate. Our tool of choice is Google Data studio – which is free, incredibly powerful, and best of all, easy to use even for those who hate tech and numbers.  In this module, you’ll..

  • Learn the basics of Google Data Studio 
  • Understand Data Sources and how to connect them
  • See how to use sample data that Google provides (aka practice data)


Build A Website Analytics and Funnel Dashboard

It’s time to teach you the first measurement plan and dashboard: website analytics and funnel performance. Because who hasn’t had a client ask questions about funnel optimization or where website traffic is coming from? In this module, you’ll..

  • Understand the basics of traffic data and Google Analytics
  • Learn WHAT to pull into a website analytics dashboard AND how to pull CONVERSION data so you can help clients see not only where traffic is coming from but where sales/conversions are coming from as well
  • Build BOTH a traffic dashboard and a funnel performance dashboard 
  • Learn how to analyze these (and other) metrics using our OCT Framework


Build a Product/Sales Dashboard

Another question many service providers get: where is my revenue coming from and how are my products performing? Based on the tech-stack, sometimes the bookkeeper can’t even break it down at this level. In this module, you’ll…

  • Build a Product/Sales dashboard that can show people sales by products (or by source) in real time
  • Learn to use zapier to automate the process of getting purchase data to the dashboard (if you can do this, the possibilities for dashboard building is endless)
  • Get guidance on other things that might be helpful to include or think about with this kind of dashboard
  • Learn some advanced Google Data Studio functions that make some of these things possible


Dashboard Design

This is not your mama’s outdated excel spreadsheet, topped with a corporate TPS report. We are building custom, next-level dashboards (or decision making centers, as I like to call them) and the design needs to reflect that level of sophistication. In this module, you’ll..

  • Customize both of your dashboards to include your branding and/or your clients branding
  • Learn the elements of creating a good visual experience for your users
  • Gain experience using data to tell a story and selecting the best chart types for various metrics
  • Understand the role of questions and context


The Measurement Method

Now that you’ve got some wins (and dashboards) under your belt, it’s time to zoom out and talk more about strategy, the planning process, and measurement concepts. These are the tools you need in order to build other kinds of dashboards or tackle building upon the ones we started. In this module, you’ll…

  • Understand the 3 part process we use for all measurement projects: Planning, Building, and Reporting
  • Learn how to start from a blank state, determine WHAT to track, HOW we will track it, and then getting it into a report
  • Know when and how to clean or reformat data for reporting purposes
  • Recognize key principals about measurement strategy and master how to communicate effectively with clients as it relates to data

and don't forget about the bonuses

You're also going to get access to:


“Black Book” of Standard Industry Conversion Rates ​

Get our exclusive guide that will assist you in understanding when things are performing well—and how to improve if they’re not. 

Value = $27


The Basics of Google Analytics

Stop feeling confused and start feeling in control. Learn to understand the often confusing Google Analytics so you know exactly what to look for and how to translate key marketing information into actionable insights.

Value = $197


Google Analytics 4: What You Need to Know​

This new version provides smarter insights to improve marketing decisions.. but it’s not ready to replace the current version. In this workshop, you’ll meet the new platform and learn what you need to know (and do) in the interim. 

Value = $97


Getting Creative with Reporting Workshop

Who said you’re either analytical OR creative?  In this workshop, I share how I got creative to solve one client’s problem by building a form-fed dashboard.. and the possibilities this approach has for other situations you may encounter!

Value = $97


Graphic Elements For your Dashboards

Make your dashboard easy-to-read and beautiful with graphic elements that stand out.

Value = $47


Tag Your Traffic: UTM Course

Get yourself (and your clients) more useful traffic data by “tagging” your traffic with UTM links. This mini-course will teach you exactly how to use UTM tracking for big results.

Value = $47

VIP ONLY bonus

The Business of Measurement

Discover how to sell your services. We’ll teach you how to market your data and dashboard skills to help you land new clients and bring in more business.

Value = $497

VIP ONLY bonus

Cross-Domain Tracking With Google Tag Manager Workshop

Sometimes we have to cross URLs in a user journey and tracking can get messy. In this mini-course, we will show you exactly how you can use Google Tag Manager to ensure that Google knows “those pages are with us” and your tracking isn’t falsely attributing one of your own websites to the sale!

Value = $297

VIP ONLY bonus

White-Labeled UTM Building Tool

Use the signature tool we use within our Tag Your Traffic Course and with our clients, with yours! You get to white-label the tool so you can take all of the credit.

Value = $197

VIP ONLY bonus

Agency License: Traffic Insights Dashboard

The Traffic Insights Dashboard will help you identify and showcase the traffic-driving insights drawn directly from your client’s data — without the hassle of you or your team having to dig through pages of Google Analytics and Google Search Console reports. You get 1 year of the standard agency license to use this tool with your clients.

Value = $997

VIP ONLY bonus

Agency License: Organic Search Dashboard

Make your agency even more valuable to clients by providing them a simple, easy to understand SEO dashboard. At a glance, your clients can see how SEO efforts are improving their site’s ranking and bottom line – making KPI reporting 100% easier, stress-free, and more pleasing to the eyes.  You get 1 year of the standard agency license to use this tool with your clients.

Value = $997

Ready to snag over $2,000 in bonuses? Don't miss your chance to get everything at this price.

We get that you are. busy. 

But we also know it’s easy to put your own business and your own development on hold. I don’t want that for you. 

So when you join Measure & Maximize, you are securing your spot now and if you need to start the support component later, just shoot us a note! 

MEET YOUR instructor

Hey there, I'm Jennifer.

Am I a math whiz?! Absolutely not! Heck, I’m a former English Lit major who landed herself in the remedial math class in college. (Embarrassing, but true.)

But my time with high-level executives at Fortune 10 companies taught me how to use data to make better business decisions that get owners REAL results.

And my success in applying this in my own business and in the 6 and 7-figure businesses I support is what led me to create the Measure and Maximize . . . because I firmly believe any entrepreneur can make strategic, data-driven decisions, without all the confusion and exhaustion that knock so many people off track. 

Ready to unlock your genius?! You’ve got this. And I’m here to help.

let's wrap it all up

Here's what you get when you join.

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of over $6,494,

but you can enroll today for an investment of just $1,997



(Payment plans are also available)



(Payment plans are also available)

Need a different payment plan than what is listed? Send us a note to

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100% Risk Free

Our program is committed to your success. If you enroll in Measure & Maximize, do the assigned work, and don’t see the value, we will happily provide a 100% refund within 14 days. Simply send us an email at

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an 8-week program. The lessons are pre-recorded and dropped with an assignment each week. Assignments are optional but highly encouraged. The time commitment varies based on the individual, but  1-2 hours per week should allow you to complete everything in the 8-week period. 

 The content is yours to keep for as long as you’d like. The support component expires based on the program tier you select at checkout.

While this program speaks directly to service providers throughout, it would absolutely be applicable for a full-time employee or business owner that wants to learn these skills.

No! We build using Google’s free suite of products.

Depending on the tier you select a checkout, you are given 3-6 months of ongoing live Q&A calls and 1×1 support via email as needed.

Yes there is! You’ll be able to connect with other students (and eventually, alumni) and the Nimble Co team in our community.

YES! This is PERFECT for that. Get all the benefit of a custom service for a fraction of the price! 

Yes, the two dashboards you build in the training alone is something you could easily turn around and sell to clients for thousands of dollars. 

Don’t see your question here? Email us at 

No questions, I'm ready for this!!

If you’ve made it this far, you are someone that cares about the detail.. Which makes you PERFECT for measurement. So I want you to consider this.. What is the opportunity cost of NOT taking action?

Imagine a few months from now, you’re sitting in a post-launch team meeting. The numbers aren’t in line with what you all were expecting. Now, instead of wondering what happened and feeling helpless about how to advise your client, it’s your time to shine.

After investing in Measure and Maximize, you will have the confidence you need to pull up the data, glance at your easy-to-understand dashboard, and give your client the answers they need —while also adding a new stream of revenue for your business.

There Is A Better Way to Evaluate Numbers

Instead of. . . 🚫

🚫 Feeling lost when you look at a data dashboard
🚫 Struggling to demonstrate the value of data
🚫 Flying blind without anything to justify your decision-making
🚫 Adding just another spreadsheet to your toolkit

. . . it’s time to  ✅

flip the narrative and gain the confidence & certainty you need to lead or advise on measurement projects AND serve (and charge 💵) as the strategic partner YOU know you are.

let's wrap it all up

Here's what you get when you join.

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of over $6,494,

but you can enroll today for an investment of just $1,997

Choose your experience..



(Payment plans are also available)



(Payment plans are also available)