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... better track and analyze ad campaign performance

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Ready to scale your Facebook ads and ensure a solid return on ad spend? Not sure how much you trust ads manager anymore?

The Facebook Ads Dashboard allows you to easily optimize the performance of your ads by capturing leads and sales conversion data by campaign, ad set and ad.

Easily compare your Facebook ad results in a single report to know which campaign, ad set or ad is generating the highest traffic and sales conversions.

Whether you are the Facebook ads manager or the business owner knowing HOW to scale your ads with a healthy ROI is the key to a successful ads strategy.

Accurately identify your conversion cost so you can feel confident when setting your ads budget.

what's included



Assuming you have a Google Analytics account it will take less than an hour to set up, plus the time of updating the links in your ads to include the UTM link.

UTMs are the extra snippets of information you add to your links so the information can be passed to Google Analytics.

If your user does not change domains, you don't need this. For example, if you run an ad to a lead page which just takes them to a thank you page (also on lead pages) you don't need to do this. If you are in doubt, feel free to email us. 

You can set it up for your client, but each client should purchase his/her own dashboard from The Nimble Co. Or you can check out our licensing option here.

No, we only use free tools – Google Data Studio which pulls from Google Analytics.

How does never sound? The data feeds it automatically and in real-time from Google Analytics.

Don't wait! Get started today.

Get The Facebook Ad Dashboard Bundle which includes the dashboard and instructions for set up, our Conversion Data Add-On, and our UTM Training "Tag Your Traffic"

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