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Ready for client reporting to be EASY? 

We know you are getting some amazing results for your clients. But if you’re like most agency owners or service providers, you might not be doing the best job showing them those results. 

We’ve been there.

And those of you who ARE sending over regular reports, are probably swimming in a deep sea of data just to find a few golden insights… mostly hidden beneath a ton of useless or even confusing metrics. 

We’ve been there, too.

But putting together useful reports for your clients doesn’t have to be tedious, time-consuming, and confusing. 

There is an easy and convenient way to understand your client’s traffic data from Pinterest. A way that costs less time, is more efficient, demonstrates your expertise, AND gives you insights into actions you can take to get even more results for your clients. 

Enter the Simple Pin Media Pinterest Dashboard for Agencies. 

We are now offering our popular Pinterest Insights Dashboard – previously only allowed for individual use – as something agency owners and service providers can use with clients! 

You can easily view and share all the relevant Pinterest metrics with your clients. Things like:

  • Your Pinterest audience profile. Get to know their interests, age, gender, and even the devices they use. If you know your audience, you’ll know how to craft more relatable and interesting content for them. 
  • Your top posts, referring pins, and tribe posts. You’ll know exactly which pins are winning (i.e the ones that are driving the most traffic to your website) so you can promote them more. And which ones you need to optimize or discard. 
  • Your month-to-month/year-to-year growth. You’ll know how effective your optimization/marketing efforts are. You’ll get a 20/20 vision which strategies you need to double down on – and which ones you need to stop wasting your time on.
  • The ability to convert to an easy to read PDF for your client to send over with your monthly reports.

With this Pinterest dashboard, you no longer have to spend hours going over reports just to get your hands to insights that are crucial to the success of your pinning strategy and that demonstrate your success to your clients. 


We wanted a model that would work for both large agencies and services providers who are just getting started, so we created a “pay for what you need” model. Billed annually, you pay for the number of clients you will be using with the report.

Number of Clients: 0-9 Clients 10-19 Clients 20+ Clients
Annual fee if you use our branding and make no changes: $497 $997 $1,497
Annual fee to white-label with your own branding and make any changes you’d like: $997 $1,497 $1,997

The fee is annual as it includes support, dashboard updates, and any maintenance needed. Best of all, no additional tools are needed. We build on a free tool called Google Data Studio, so all your client needs is a Google Analytics account. 

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“I bought this after I listened to the Simple Pin Collective coaching call + podcast and it's gold!!! When Jennifer talked about the dashboard and how it takes the guesswork out of things so you'd know where to focus -- I was SOLD. ​ Yes, that was one of my major "pain points." I really love the simplicity of the dashboard and how easy it is to see what to work on/update next. I've been one to avoid the numbers, so I see this being a game-changer for me.”
Pam Odd
“Personal experience: Google Analytics totally overwhelms me, the first time I used the Google Data Studio dashboard, I'm pretty sure I heard angel's singing. It's just straight to the point, which I really appreciate!”
SPM Team Director
"I have found the dashboard to be helpful in finding the information I was looking for. One of the things that sold me on the product was the ability to see performance on pins from Tribes. I had no idea how to get that information from Google Analytics, so I was definitely curious when I read that the dashboard could present that data. I was also able to see just how important the Tailwind Tribes are to my reach and ultimately my traffic. Many of my high performing posts are getting most of their clicks from Pins that are coming from my Tribes. I'm now anxious to see how engagement in Tailwind Tribes is going to change with Pinterest saying that people should primarily pinning their own content."
Chrissy, Fun Loving Families

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